Meet Nicholas Sarwark

Nicholas Sarwark and his children.


Nicholas and Valerie Sarwark have been married since 2009 and have four beautiful children: Ruth, Joel, Ava, and Zane. Like other young families, where our children grow up and go to school became more of a priority as they got older. Looking for the best place to raise a family attracted us to New Hampshire for all of the outdoor and educational opportunities combined with a safe and secure community to grow up. As your County Attorney, I will be dedicated to keeping Hillsborough County safe for your family and ours.


When a prosecutor brings criminal charges, they are acting on behalf of all of the people in the community. My background as an advocate in hundreds of felony cases demonstrates a commitment to the highest ethical standards and an understanding that every participant in the criminal justice system should be treated with dignity and respect. Honest and clear communication between the County Attorney's office and community leaders, elected officials, and law enforcement will improve public safety and make Hillsborough County a model for the rest of New Hampshire that we can be proud of.

Nicholas and Valerie Sarwark
Nicholas Sarwark at a Johnson-Weld rally during the presidential election in 2016.


Seeking justice is what prosecutors are called to do, not just seeking convictions. My years of experience handling the most serious cases in the criminal justice system have provided me with the best qualifications to be the next Hillsborough County Attorney. The taxpayers provide the resources to prosecute crime and I will use the lessons learned in handling over 35 jury trials to make the office more efficient and effective at not only securing convictions but also reducing recidivism and crime in the community.