Nicholas Sarwark
for Hillsborough
County Attorney

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Why I'm Running for Hillsborough County Attorney

My name is Nicholas Sarwark and I would be honored to serve as your next Hillsborough County Attorney.

In summer of 2019, my wife Valerie and our four children moved to New Hampshire seeking a better life and a better place to raise our kids. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I've handled hundreds of felony cases and tried over thirty-five cases to a jury. I want to bring that level of experience and professionalism to the Hillsborough County Attorney's office.

As your county attorney, I will raise the level of legal practice, mentoring our young prosecutors to make sure they can be effective in prosecuting violent and property crimes, the things that are most serious and threaten the safety of the community. And I want to do it in a way that respects the trust that Hillsborough County taxpayers have given to the office. We spend your money, and I want to spend it efficiently and effectively to keep our community safe.

If these are the priorities you want in your next Hillsborough County Attorney, vote Nicholas Sarwark on November 8.


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